Hands Up! is a genre-defining climbing game which focuses on the player experience to make as fun of a game as possible. Your hands will let you climb anything but glass, but beware of your energy level - you'll have to recharge your hands whenever you get the chance if you want to avoid certain death. Get to the top and you'll unlock our custom level editor, where you can create and share new challenges right from your VR headset!


Hands Up! is the first title created by game studio Agera Games. It is the result of Agera Games exploring user experience in VR, something that the majority of the VR market seemed to struggle with at the game's moment of conception. Seeing AAA studios throw generic FPS titles into VR and slapping a joystick movement system on there made us outright furious, which launched us into a never-ending discussion about alternatives and best practices. Vowing never to repeat the unfathomably horrendous VR design that had been getting traction, we started our process with the goal to figure out ways to actually make VR fun. Lo and behold, an indie company with a focus on user experience was born.


  • Fun, seamless movement system which translates everything you do in real life into VR
  • Keep up the pace before your gloves run out of energy
  • No checkpoints means plenty of challenge
  • Get access to a community level browser if you complete the base level
  • And of course a level editor... in VR!


Sweden Game Conference 2018 demo gameplayYouTube

Hands Up! played by visitors at Sweden Game Conference 2018YouTube


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About Agera Games

Agera Games is a young, independent game development studio founded by Simon Bergqvist and Albin Ahlstedt Grafman. We make fun games that feel good.
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