Agera Games is a young, independent game development studio founded by Simon Bergqvist and Albin Ahlstedt Grafman. We make fun games that feel good.


Early history

Simon and Albin met for the first time at their local game development community The Great Journey in early 2017. Simon, with a few years of experience in the game development industry from his studies and previous game company, was now working as a web and app IT consultant. Albin, who had recently been running a media company on his own, was taking his first steps into gamedev as part of a team of newcomers in The Great Journey. They had their first collaborate work experience later that year during a game jam inspired by xkcd #941 - "Depth Perception". They spent a weekend experimenting with VR stereo separation. causing plenty of unintentional VR sickness. After an undisclosed but huge amount of discussion regarding VR user experience, Agera Games was formed half a year later.

After that

And the rest, is history. Or maybe it will be. So far, Agera Games has created a demo version of their first title Hands Up!, a challenging VR climbing game with the player experience in focus. The demo was showcased at Sweden Game Conference in October 2018. It was very well received, maintaining a queue of players from start to finish of the four day conference. Considering the reception, all that seems left to do right now is to finish up the game and start selling it. Hands Up! has a planned release in Spring 2019, however, please keep in consideration that just about anything can change between now and then.



Hands Up! played by visitors at Sweden Game Conference 2018YouTube

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