Hands Up!

A genre-defining VR climbing game.

Fun VR climbing

Climb and throw your way up to the top. Enjoy the fun, seamless movement system which translates everything you do in real life into VR. If you make it all the way, you'll even get access to the level editor.

Level editor

Challenge the world by creating your own levels using the built-in VR level editor. Play test at any time to make sure it's not too easy. Keep track of how players are doing and what they think.

Challenging mechanics

Winning ain't easy. Keep up the pace before your gloves run out of energy. There are no checkpoints, so falling means having to start all over again. And remember - don't look down.

Coming in 2019

We're still working hard, so things might change before we're ready to release. Got the best idea ever that we should totally put into the game? Why don't you send us an email?